How To Find Jobs For Retirees: What To Know

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Today retirement is no longer seen as a bench for people above 50 to become dormant but one that allows them to put the skills they acquired over the years to use. Older people after retirement look forward to doing something part-time. A lot of retired people need to work, especially after seeing that retirement isn’t what they thought it would be. This is why it is important to find jobs for retirees that are fulfilling.

They are tired and look forward to getting into the workforce however, they do not have the resources to do so. People do not want to touch their retirement savings, some want to supplement it.

Moreover, there is a certain degree of discrimination in the workplace that isn’t talked about. Some people above 50 are intimidated and feel embarrassed going to interview for jobs because they may be competing with a 35-year-old. Even when there are finances expected to last for 10 years, retirees live above 10 years and sometimes end up spending the money on something else without even getting the vacation they need.

Thankfully, Jollity jobs offer people older than 50 an opportunity to stay mentally, socially, or physically active. Here people can explore their hidden talents through fulfilling and rewarding jobs. In the words of Evan Vieira, the Founder of Jollity, “The goal is to help retire people, keep them physically active, mentally stimulated.”

What you should know about Jollity

Jollity is not a regular job-seeking company for people over 50. This company encompasses more than the financial aspects of retirement. They are interested in providing older people with a holistic retirement.

While there are thousands of websites recommending how and where to invest your money as a retiree, Jollity will focus on the mental and social aspects of retirees to help them stay active, healthy, and involved in the community.

Jollity provides jobs for retirees. All you need to do is look and you will be connected to the jobs you need. To do this, visit the user-friendly website where you will see contact information that allows you to reach out directly.

The best part is that this website offers real jobs not throwaway jobs or jobs for high schoolers. You will mostly find part-time jobs because we do not recommend working long hours for retirees. There are lots of locations available on the website and you can even find jobs that allow you to work while you are at home.

With Jollity, you do not need to carry a resume. Of course, you need a resume but it is reviewed by an app that focuses on keywords. As a result, a person needs to be more interested in the best way to structure their resume for the job. What retirees need is confidence and skills to help them get the job.

All these jobs need is your life skill, expertise, and knowledge. Because the website is being updated hourly as a result of constant posting, we recommend that you always check back.

Obstacles when finding jobs for retirees

Some of the obstacles people over 50 face when job seeking include the following;

#1. Clickbait

In reality, retirees will mostly find clickbait when looking online for a job. The problem with clickbait is that they offer opportunities but when you click on the website, there is nothing in there for anyone looking to remain relevant.

#2. Agism

Retirees experience ageism and come across jobs where they do not even understand what is discussed. Some companies have age restrictions and will not accept people that are over 50. They think they will be lazy, unavailable over time, or involved in other kinds of commitment. This is not true. People over 50 and everyone needs work as a point of identification.

#3. Beliefs

Companies have a lot of beliefs when they compare a Genz with a millennial. A lot of these beliefs are untrue. People forget that Genz also has a lot of high-standard expectations. Genz wants to be promoted faster. They also prefer less work and more breaks however, you can get more work and the same amount of time from retirees. In an interview, the Founder of Jollity had this to say; “where I work, we have a reasonable amount of employees, and people over 50 are the most dedicated.”

Why retirees must get a Job

Social interaction is the main reason why anyone over 50 will consider getting a job because it is a high part of their life. In 2020 during the pandemic, social interaction died down and everyone suffered especially older people that could not connect online. The social aspect of our existence is very important.

Retirees also want to be heard. They want to be a part of the decision-making and everything that is going on in the world today instead of waiting for things to just happen to them. Retirees also want to stay fresh and knowledgeable.

Tips for finding jobs for retirees

Pay attention to the following tips to help find the best jobs for retirees;

#1. Location

Location is important to ensure convenience and ease. Asides from Jollity, there are other places where people can find jobs like the AARP however they have limited locations and information and may not cater to the community.

#2. Think big

Retirees need to understand the best way to carry themselves. You must refrain from underselling yourself in a bid to get a job. The goal is to promote your mental, social, and overall well-being.

Red flags to avoid when finding jobs for retirees

If you are above 50, here are some of the red flags you should not ignore when looking for a job;

●       When you keep getting diverted to other sites that have nothing to do with what your request was.

●       Beware of ads that try to sell other things that have nothing to do with what you are looking for.


Jollity is a unique local company that helps people over 50 find the right jobs. It is available to everyone eager to explore whether you are retired or not. All you need is to go on the website, register an account and upload your resume.

If you do not want to register, you can search through and look at some of the jobs for retirees available on our site. It is very simple and user-friendly but if you encounter any issues, contact us immediately.